Friday, January 04, 2008

Where to go

Do you dare to use a one-sentence paragraph? Crooked House on "the 'we' point of view and E. Nesbit" ("We were the Bastables"). Heather Mallick's year that was.'s 2007 in pop culture. And did Unity Mitford have Hitler's baby? (I'm inclined to say no-- though imagine finding out you were Hitler's baby?). Check out "the manliest cookbook of all time". Headline of the day is "Circus School Seeks Students". Marchand's year that was: on "grace" as the ultimate gift of Divisidero, "Some readers would have been satisfied with a good novel."

I recently found reference in a book to pudding finger-painting, which has relieved me of a nagging fear that I'd been a paint-eating child. And though I'm despairing about returning to work on Monday, we've got planned in the meantime an afternoon tea at the Four Seasons as consolation.