Thursday, March 26, 2009

This morning's sweet delight

Oh, I know I've left all two of my avid readers hanging. I know you've both been asking, "What HAS Kerry received in the post of late?" Well, I can tell you: not much. Recent haulage has been pathetic, really. Until this morning's sweet delight. Descant 144. An "Irish Writers" postcard sent from my best friend Britt, who is currently back in the Old Country. A gorgeous thank-you note from our friend Carolyn, that made me cry. And another postcard from my fabulous sister, who saw fit to think of me on her recent sojourn to sunny Mexico. My credit card statement was not as fun as the rest of the pile, but alas. I love the idea of these little items being placed into mailboxes all over the world, specially aimed right to my doorstep.