Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rebecca and the Penguin: On Trends

The marvelous Rebecca Rosenblum, interviewed at the Pages website. Her delightfulness is evident. Best, I like:

Q: What trend in the world of contemporary Canadian letters would you like to put on ice?

R:I mainly miss trends--I have a lot on my personal agenda to read, andwhen I look around for something new, I want what my friends arereading and writing, not necessarily what's new and popular. Besides, the nice thing about trends is that they are optional: I don't personallywant to read about hot vampire sex, but I guess a lot of people do,and more power to'em. Although I did think things were going a bit farwhen I confessed that I'd not read any of the Harry Potter novels andsomeone said, "Really? But I thought you loved books!"