Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rendering Magic

We celebrated our third anniversary so marvelously, rendering a Wednesday evening perfectly magical. I especially liked getting to say at work that I was leaving a few minutes early that evening because I had a boat to catch. A ferry to the Island, which-- both for its very self and as an easy retreat from the city-- is one of my favourite parts of Toronto.

We had dinner at The Rectory Cafe on Wards Island. The weather was terrible so we didn't sit outside, but from our table by the window we watched the water and the sailboats. Indulging in some splendid food which we partook in slowly, intending to linger until the ferry at 8:45. The meals were delicious, the wine perhaps the best we've ever had, and then dessert of course. I had a pot of tea called Benghal tiger. The restaurant was lovely and airy, the service fine, and being indoors didn't spoil the mood. Really nothing could have been more delightful. And then to sail off into the sunset towards home-- a happy anniversary indeed.