Monday, June 23, 2008

Club Hand

I've been over-indulging in all my favourite pleasures of late (i.e. train travel, strawberries and sugar), but then I've got a birthday upcoming. So it was for this reason then that Stuart and I partook in Afternoon Tea at the Four Seasons this Sunday-- which is my absolute favourite thing in the entire world. Accompanied by Bronwyn and her husband Alex, and it was perfect from start to finish, the weather complementing the sun-dresses we'd planned to wear all along. The tiny sandwiches delicious, tiny cakes delectable, the scones brilliantly fresh and sided with copious jam and cream, and yeah, the tea was good too. Overwhelming always to be in the midst of my favourite thing in the world, but I survived. It was absolutely wonderful.

Disturbing, however, was the revelation that my pinkie finger doesn't work. As I don't do most things properly (even those I love best), I'd never made a point of holding my teacup like the Queen does (or her friends), but I was devastated to realize that I physically can't. My pinkie doesn't go that way, and it doesn't even when I'm not holding my cup, and then everybody started calling me "Club Hand". They said I had fingers that were toes. Which is better than some people I know who've got toes that are actually fingers, but I'm not naming names...