Sunday, January 27, 2008


I tend to take words seriously but I'd given all that up at Starbucks, where everything is called something ridiculous. Even the cookie I always get-- chocolate chip to my tastes-- is called Chunky Double Choco Mound, or something. Where small is Tall, and Grande doesn't mean big. It has ceased to occur to me that anything at Starbucks means anything, which is why I choose my teas based on the colour of their packaging. Arbitrary, I know, but I like all teas, and some days some colours suit me better than others. Though, of course, red is usually best.

And so Thursday evening, as I lay in bed awake into the wee hours of morn, it occurs to me that maybe there are words at Starbucks that mean something. That red packet, of course, is called "Awake"-- a word which I'd entirely divorced of its meaning within the Starbucks context and unconsciously too, which was sort of disturbing from my insomnious state of mind.

But what if all Starbucks teas are so literal? I look forward to discovering: Calm, Refresh, Joy, Zen, and (in particular) Passion.