Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Wedding

Harriet is in the midst of her six weeks' growth spurt, which means that she's permanently attached to me, who's attached to the couch or bed most of the time, and so it goes. Luckily temporary. We're actually doing very well here, enjoying support from lactation consultants in particular! And things are not as dire as my previous post suggested-- that was early days, and week by week, life has been exponentially better. This weekend was a particularly large milestone, as we attended my best friend Jennie's wedding. It was just a modest do, with a 500+ guest list. We'd been a wee bit terrified at the prospect with such a little baby, but baby behaved better than she ever had in her whole life (and since), spending most of the weekend eating, sleeping and being adorable. With her daddy's support, I was able to pull off most of my bridesmaidly duties, and moreover had an enormous amount of fun. It was great to be away from home, to drive again, to stay in a hotel and feed baby in odd places-- makes everything else seem so much more possible. And the wedding was really a spectacular event. As I'm between computers at the mo, I can't upload my own photos, but I stole this one from my friend Britt's Facebook-- in spite of our outfits, we Bridesmaids did stand out a bit at this Sikh wedding, but really, check out the bride. She was so incredibly beautiful, gracious, and radiant, and she had her new husband absolutely belong together. I'm thrilled for them, and for me who got to be there.

New computer should arrive this week or next, and I expect regularish posting will resume then.