Monday, September 08, 2008

Once in the world

"I think," writes Rebecca Rosenblum, of the moment she first saw her book, "once in a while, something can be exactly as good as you dreamt it would be."

Rebecca's story collection Once is now out in the world, and we spotted it yesterday in a stack at the Eden Mills Writers' Festival. I bought a copy immediately, and soon after had the great pleasure of listening to Rebecca read from the first story "ContEd". Pleasure even in spite of the rain, because Rebecca read so beautifully. She even made the sun came out, and so for the rest of day we were dry.

Afterwards, we saw every author I was hoping to see as noted in the post below. And also Dennis Lee, who didn't seem to remember me from the time he came to my school when I was five.

  • Click here to buy Rebecca's book. She is not the kind of writer I promote because she's my friend, but rather because she's the kind of writer so talented I can't quite believe that she's my friend. Once should stocked in the shops by some time next week.
  • Attend Rebecca's launch if you can. Monday September 15, 2008 at 7:00. The Gladstone Hotel, Toronto.