Wednesday, June 25, 2008


You'll have to buy the magazine, but do check out Guy Gavriel Kay's "Summertime When the Visigoths Go Pillaging" in the July/August issue of The Walrus. I'd quote the whole thing, it's that lovely, but I'll settle for, "...I suspect we all have inward links between some books and where we were when we escaped into them. Everyone knows the memory links to scents or the pop songs of teenage summers, but I suspect if we reach back and in, we'll find many of the books of our lives to be vividly time and place specific too." Indeed.

My friend Lauren Kirshner has started blogging, and her posts demonstrate her immense talents. (She's got a book Where We Have to Go being published by McClelland and Stewart in the spring). Kate Sutherland's post post on Anne of Green Gables at 100 (to the day) is fabulous, quoting from Montgomery's journal entry the day her book came: "There in my hand lay the material realization of all the dreams and hopes and ambitions and struggles of my whole conscious existence—my first book!" Fine Lines (my favourite diversion) is going to become a book! And a profile of Jhumpa Lahiri.

I also went to the ROM this weekend. Their exhibit "Out from Under: Disability, History, and Things to Remember" is extraordinary (and on until July 13).