Sunday, April 27, 2008

Snail's pace

Today was a bit ridiculous, in that I woke up, went to brunch, and then came home and had a nap. And after that I prepared a tea-party. The whole weekend similarly low-key, mellow and pleasant with flowers in bloom and brunch on the patio. Last night was just as crazy, as I stayed home to watch Michael Clayton, and what a movie that was. That so much was going on but so little had to be explained was a wonderful for lesson for this apprentice writer.

This weekend my Emily Perkins kick continued, as I read her first novel Leave Before You Go and absolutely loved it. I'm now reading her second book The New Girl, and as I can't find her 1997 short story collection Not Her Real Name anywhere around here, I've ordered it used off the tinternet, because now I'm quite sure that I can't live without it. I also read Pulpy and Midge by Jessica Westhead, whose receptionist didn't even have a name but whose disdain at having to cover the desk during cake-occasions was truer than life.