Saturday, May 19, 2007

It's all summers

My beloved Bronwyn is getting married two weeks from today, and I am so thrilled we're going to be there. Since we met six years ago, Bronwyn's and my lives have been much entwined: we moved to England at the same time, fell in love with Northern boys, she even came to stay with us in Japan for two weeks. And even now, when our lives are quite divergent (I moved back to Toronto, whereas she is living a sweet London fairy tale), we've remained so close. She was there on my wedding day, and I am honoured that I'll be there for hers. That we'll share in wifedom, which seemed a million miles away, or even impossible, back when we met. And we look forward to our parallels continuing; she emailed me a few weeks back and said, "When I think about it I think of sunshine, which can only be a good thing. Looking forward, it's all summers!" I imagine the future the very same, and I am so excited for it.

I am going to be doing a reading at Bronwyn's wedding, however, and I went a bit insane trying to locate something good. When thumbing through my own library turned up nothing, I turned to the internet. Who would have thought? The "Unique Wedding Readings" on Google turned up nothing spectac (unless Kahil Gabran is your bag). I wanted to find something lovely and fitting, and I eventually did (but it's a secret for now). I really wanted something from Carol Shields, because really who knows more about love and marriage than she did? But nothing was quite right for a wedding ceremony. Still, however, some of what I did find needs to be shared nonetheless. Stay tuned then.