Sunday, January 08, 2006

New hats in the meantime.

I guess it might be obvious that I've been despondent of late, and I have no wish to suffer in silence any longer. I'll give it to you straight then. On the day before New Years Eve, they killed off half of my second-favourite EastEnders couple. The actor who played him talks about his departure here.

Spending the final day of my long long holiday reading "The Year of Magical Thinking" and listening to the new Dar Williams CD- "My Better Self". Both are wonderful, really. Following the completion of my book, I shall cook my famous spaghetti for our supper, and then my husband and I will watch one hour dramas about forensic science. We don't care which ones. And I will knit a blanket out of wool that was once my misshapen poncho. It has been the most splendid, carefree month with almost nothing to do except the things we want to do. And I have read so many books (in one sitting many times, which is the best way) and we've seen so many friends, and even though it's January and an era of great impecunity, we'll ride that wave into springtime. And we've got new coats and hats in the meantime.