Monday, August 22, 2005

Most of all, you've got to hide it from the kids

Here you can find Heather Mallick's critique of the CBC's recent "Open Letter to Canadians", which I can't find online. She's on the mark, and I think it follows well from Margaret Wente's column last week. The Guardian celebrates the underrated, including Atomic Kitten, deservedly so. On my third day with Stuart in O'Neils' in Nottingham, their version of "The Tide is High" came on the radio and I cried, though perhaps that was more due to my mental imbalances than great musicianship. I also love their "Someone Like Me". An excellent article, on Ms. Dynamite's new album and the important role played by women in protest music. No more prodigies at Oxford. Multiculturalism from the British child of Pakistani immigrants. In The Globe, Doug Saunders compares reaction to the London terror actions with that of the Gunpowder treason 400 years ago. And this article contrasts British and Canadian multiculturalism.

Other incidents recently included the German man in Book City who kept repeating the title "Hop on Pop" repeatedly to a clerk. The fact that the Don Valley Parkway was in the midst of flooding as we drove through it Friday night. The clip we heard as we flipped through the radio stations, "...and Deanna Smith who will shoot herself out of a cannon daily..." and just how excited we are to be moving to Toronto in a matter of days. The amount of furniture we picked up off the roadside driving home last night. We've seen some photos from the wedding last weekend and they're beautiful. Will post a link this week.

I bought Lunch With Jan Wong for $2 the other day and really enjoyed it. Also fell in love with the Terry Fox book by Douglas Coupland, but alas as it was not $2, I could not buy it.