Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Foolscap is awkward to read in bed

"'Will she expect a comfortable bed?' Rodney asked. 'Oughtn't we to break her into the world gradually?'
'I don't see what difference it makes,' I said.
'Wilmet, have you thought what books to put by her bed?' asked Sybil. 'You must make a careful choice.'
'I suppose some anthologies of poetry and good novels by female authors,' I said. 'Not devotional books, obviously.'
'We have just completed an interesting report on the Linoleum Industry,' said Rodney. 'I could let her have a cyclostyled copy-- the pages are bound together.'
'Foolscap is awkward to read in bed,' said Sybil. 'Arnold has just published a paper in one of the archeological journals-- that's a handy size for night reading and there are some excellent drawings of pottery fragments done by an invalid lady who lives in Dawlish.'"-- from A Glass of Blessings by Barbara Pym(!)