Monday, January 11, 2010

Canada Reads 2010: Independently UPDATE

Julie Forrest reads Wild Geese. Check out her (favourable) review here. And now she's got me excited to pick up this book that (I must admit) has been languishing on my shelf for a while now. Because it's bleak and the prairies, but perhaps what's best about anything Canada Readish is that it forces us to abandon such prejudices and pick up the books that scare us. Which for me continues to most of all be Ray Smith's Century, a book I'll be starting tonight or tomorrow. A book I'm afraid of in spite of Dan Wells' enthusiasm, because I read his "...Century blew everything open: it's as if Musil or Walser or Mann immigrated to Canada. It's an intensely moral, beautiful, horrifying, fearless novel. (If it is, indeed, even a novel..." and I can't help but wonder who Musil and Walser are. (And though I know of a Mann, I've never read him). I wonder if this book is truly over my head, and soon we'll all find out for certain.

UPDATE: It is the next morning. I still don't know who Musil and Walser are, but so far, Ray Smith has me hooked, intrigued, confused and wonderfully searching.