Thursday, January 07, 2010

A bit overwhelming

"Maybe--", I said to my husband last evening. And then I couldn't go on, because to do so would be to put a name to the problem that mustn't be named (or at least not by me. Husband names it frequently, which is the problem). But I can't hold it in anymore: "Maybe there are too many books in my life at the moment." Because it's gotten a bit overwhelming. Would be less so if I could stop requesting books from the library all the time, and if the Toronto Public Library holdings didn't contain every one of my heart's desires. (I am now hold 34 of 161 for Patrick Swayze's autobiography. Yes, I too am not sure if this is really necessary).

I am currently reading Louisa May Alcott: The Woman Behind Little Women by Harriet Reisen. I've also been reading the poetry collection The Sleeping Life by Kerry Ryan, which is pretty wintry so far, so it feels like the right book for now, though my life hasn't been very sleeping for a long time. Progress is slow on the Alcott book, which is no matter on one hand because the book is very good, but then I've got such a backlog of books waiting. Like the Canada Reads: Independently books, which I'm going to start shortly. Beginning with Ray Smith's Century, I think, because that is the one I'm most scared of.

And to make up for the dullness of this post, I give you a glimpse of me and technology circa 1987.