Sunday, November 22, 2009

The only proper way to breastfeed

It's strange, I think, that while breastfeeding is so ridiculously revered in our society to the point where bottle-feeding can raise eyebrows, the image of breastfeeding itself might raise those brows even higher. Mostly because we never see it, in real life or in the media, which perpetuates breastfeeding imagery as taboo, and so it goes. So I've been eagerly keeping track of breastfeeding imagery during this last while, on television (Being Erica) and in children's books (lately, Busy Pandas).

But I especially like this picture, from Susan Meyer's Everywhere Babies (which acknowledges breastfeeding as being just one of many ways that babies everywhere are fed).

While we don't see enough breastfeeding imagery, even rarer is imagery of the only proper way to breastfeed-- with a book in hand.

It is telling, however, that the mother has fallen asleep. Some days are just too much for multi-tasking.