Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Stuart!

Every year around this day, or to be more specific, on this day, I get to say aloud what I think all the time, which is, "What a terrific man is this Stuart character I've somehow got myself hooked up with." Because he really is fantastic, and in seven years I've not even begun to get enough of his marvelous company, and I'm so proud of the thirty-year old man who's made a life for himself that that twenty-three-year old I met years ago would be in awe of. So grateful also that he's so unfailingly good to me, and for the life we've made together.

In short, he's fantastic, and during the past six months he's been put to the test, with his patience, caring nature, hilarious sense of humour, much relied-upon ingenuity, and his understanding rarely waning. And that they rarely waned rather than never did only shows he's human, but what an extraordinary one. Harriet and I are so very lucky, because he's an excellent husband and a wonderful dad. I love him very much.

Happy Birthday!