Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Wolf Hall: Dare I Venture There?

Pictured here is Hilary Mantel's Writer's Room, and HARK! She won the Booker! Which is good news, because I love Hilary Mantel: may I recommend Giving Up the Ghost, Beyond Black, Eight Months on Ghazzah Street, Every Day is Mother's Day, A Change of Climate. But, similar to Margaret Atwood's forays into sci-fi, I really don't have much to do with her many adventures in historical fiction. To be honest, I'd rather read sci-fi than hi-fi (can I call it that?). And for an excellent take on the problems with historical fiction, read Alex Good's assessment here.

But now Hilary Mantel has won the Booker for Wolf Hall-- dare I venture there? "Peeling back history to show us Tudor England": ick. The premise does nothing for me, whatsoever. And didn't I already read it all in A Man for All Seasons (and apparently find it completely forgettable?). But, however unbelievably, I am tempted. And I do love everything I've ever read by our 'Ilary, and I am going to England next week where they'll have the book in paperback. Oh, I have a feeling I'll be buying another book. Except this is one I might hate. A wise decision? Stay tuned...