Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Well, I have limited myself to purchasing only one book a month. But. We're off to England on Friday, and therefore it only makes sense to order Howards End is On The Landing and Wolf Hall from there, as they'll be either more widely available and/or a wee bit cheaper. And by the time I get back, What Boys Like will be out, and as I've been planning to buy that for ages, it doesn't quite seem like my monthly allotment (which should be more spontaneous, you know). And that copy of Birds of America that arrived last week doesn't count either, because I only bought it to get free postage on an order of CDs. So basically, we're halfway into October and I haven't even bought one book yet. I am very proud of my restraint.

All of this is a little less ridiculous, because I've been reading like a madwoman lately. Harriet's naps have turned out to be much longer when taken on me, which means that I can read a lot and nap as well. So that's what we've been up to lately, which leads to a Mommy who is better-read and less exhausted.

Now reading nothing! Or rather little bits of lots of things-- I've been rereading Jennica Harper's poetry, the LRB (I'm caught up to late July now), and the ROM magazine. Because I'm saving Birds of America for my holiday, and am too superstitious to start it before it's time.