Thursday, October 15, 2009

European Vacation

Of course, I married my husband for his dreamy accent, but also so I'd have a good excuse to take frequent European vacations. (And it is a European vacation, proof here.)

And it's that time again, because we're off to the British seaside-- it's October after all. We're returning to my husband's homeland so that his parents can meet their grandchild for the first time, and while they're busy spoiling her and ignoring us, we'll partake in English things we love and miss, like cream tea; cheap books, beer and chocolate; newspaper supplements; penguin biscuits; lamb shanks; round postboxes; crisps; good TV and radio. Oh, and the weather. We'll pack the brollies.

I'll be posting a few updates while I'm gone, as well as an eagerly-awaited interview, and regular posting will resume in a week.