Saturday, September 19, 2009

Some things on Saturday

Oh, I wish I could tell you what I'm now reading, but you'll have to wait for the December issue of Quill & Quire to find out. Alas, but I'm enjoying myself. Birds of America is on its way to me in the post. For the last few days, I've been composing a love letter to the Spadina Road branch of the Toronto Public Library (which I'll put down on paper soon, and copy here). We've been listening to Elizabeth Mitchell at our house, and we're totally obsessed-- everyday I have a new favourite, but I like her version of "Three Little Birds" and also The Tremelos' "Here Comes My Baby". I've been playing guitar myself these days, and Harriet is entranced by the shiny tuning pegs. She also likes strumming the strings. We're going to England in less than a month, which is exciting, but seemed like a much better idea when the baby was still hypothetical. Now, I am a bit terrified, but pleased that her brilliant sleep patterns are wrecked already so that I don't have to worry about the time change doing so. (In terms of baby sleep, how about this: ask moxie hypothosizes that sleep is this generation of parents' "thing" [whereas, it once was potty training] because babies sleep on their backs now, where they do not sleep as well as they did on their fronts. This is also why our parents have little sympathy for the sleeping plight). I continue to be exhausted, much the same way I was when Harriet was born, except I have a life now and do not spend my waking hours sitting in a chair sobbing, and therefore the tiredness feels worse (and yet, I would not, could not, go back there, no). I've also quit Facebook, sort of. You see, I was totally addicted, checking it whenever I was feeding the baby and often when I wasn't, and there are better things I could do with my time. And yet, there are many things I love about Facebook-- friends' photos, event invitations, cool links, finding out about friends' achievements, that many of my FB friends' aren't friends otherwise, and I'd miss them if I went. But there are only so many strangers' photo albums you can peruse without feeling your life is slipping away, so, I had my husband change my Facebook password, and now I have to be logged in by him. And I really hope this doesn't happen all that often. So this should free up some time for me to finally read through my stack of London Review of Books that has been accumulating since Harriet was born. And I mean that. I am also going to knit Harriet a sweater from the Debbie Bliss Baby and Toddler Knits book I got from the library today, but I'll use the 12-24 month sizing, because I'm realistic about how long it takes to get anything done. Today, we had the most wonderful brunch at the Annex Live. And the baby is awake, so I must go lay out the newspaper on the floor so I can read it while I feed her.