Tuesday, September 01, 2009


September is the end of my self-imposed fiction writing maternity leave. Though no doubt the world would not miss my fiction if I never went back, I find that I miss it, and I have a feeling the experience of writing it is going to be different now that I've had a baby. So my goal is to write for fifteen minutes every day, which is a small goal but with my current schedule will some days be impossible. Therefore I should ideally do it before breakfast, right? Oh, but I'm not quite ready to sacrifice sleep, which is still far too precious. So we shall see.

September is also two literary events I'm looking forward to-- first, the launch of Patricia Storms' picture book The Pirate and the Penguin on September 12 at the Yorkville Public Library. Harriet and I are very excited, and not just because we've been told there will be cake. I can't wait to get the book, and help to celebrate the work of such a marvelous lady.

And then the following week, we're off to the Eden Mills Writers' Festival! Terry Griggs! Miriam Toews! Mary Swan! Lynn Johnston! Zoe Whittall! Etc. etc. I am very looking forward.

(Also exciting is that today I'm wearing a pair of pre-pregnancy pants. I'll sure miss elastic waists, but it had to happen sooner or later...)