Saturday, July 25, 2009

Where We Have to Go

I've just finished reading Where We Have to Go, a novel by my former classmate Lauren Kirshner. It's the coming-of-age story of Lucy Bloom, a cat lover and an ALF lover with far too many odds against her. Featuring a truly great first line, "The night before my eleventh birthday, I dreamt I was five feet off the ground and flying through the No Frill grocery store on a royal blue Schwinn."

Zoe Whittall in the Globe & Mail wrote, "Kirshner tempers any potential for melodrama with an expert eye for specific detail and the curt, cruel dialogue of teen girls hell-bent on destroying each other despite their abject loneliness. She is also adept at writing perfect pop-cultural detail: the emotional resonance of Alf, a hamster named Charlie Sheen, lite-brite pegs in Lucy's pockets, all situating the story in a particular moment in recent Toronto history."

Check out more praise and information about the book at Lauren's website. This month she's also been writer in residence at Open Book Toronto.