Sunday, July 19, 2009

Something Amazing

Something amazing happened during these last couple of weeks, as our baby girl began a transformation from rage incarnate into an actual person. What is even more amazing, however, is the way in which her parents have actually begun to figure out how she works, what she needs, how to respond to her, and keep her happy for as long as possible (which is sometimes up to an hour or two). And watching her explore to the world now is absolutely one of the most fascinating experiences I've ever had, and I really can't get enough of it. Baby can get enough of it, however, and at this moment, due to having been horribly overtired to the point of hysteria, Harriet is comfortably asleep in her swing. For now...

And so today is a good time for me to start reading The Scientist in the Crib (as recommended by Steph at Crooked House). I am looking forward to a book about babies that does not purport to be a "guide", except perhaps one to understanding. And, of course, because man cannot subsist on non-fiction alone, I'm also reading my former classmate Lauren Kirshner's novel Where We Have to Go, which fits in well with all the rest if I regard it as a parenting anti-guide.

The best news is that I own a computer again, and so this week's project is a little life here at Pickle Me This. Though I really can't be held to anything these days at all.