Friday, June 12, 2009

A Novel Gift

Stuart and I both like the song "Daughter", but the lyric "everything she owns, I bought her" doesn't really apply to our situation. It's more like, "That's our daughter in the water, everything she owns was a gift from our extraordinarily generous friends and family." She gets packages in the post near daily, always full of delightful things. We feel so lucky and appreciative of these gifts, and all the thoughts and good wishes we've received. Harriet lacks for nothing, no thanks to us really. Our freezer is also similarly stocked.

But one gift does stand out a bit. In addition to adorable summer outfits, Harriet's Auntie Jennie also gave us a novel. Or, gave me a novel. It was Catherine O'Flynn's novel What Was Lost, which I've wanted to read for ages. And this novel gift really was particularly novel, because nobody ever gives me books. Oh, as I've said, people give me lots of things, but I've read so many books already and my tastes are quite defined that friends are more inclined to give me other things. So that rarely do I ever receive a book as a surprise, let alone a book I've been dying to read anyway. I imagine I'm not the only bookish sort who suffers from this plight. Oh, the tortured problems of the middle class...