Sunday, May 31, 2009

What life has been like lately...

I'd post a picture of me and the baby, but as I've ceased to wear clothes, I've got none that are presentable. Harriet doesn't wear clothes either, but she pulls it off much better. We're now inhabiting a Harriet-centric universe, and we like it here. She's fitting into the family very well, and we're working hard to get her fatter. Her daddy is so wonderful to both of us, it makes me cry. She looks so much like him that it's a bit startling, and she's so beautiful that we can't stop talking about it. We also can't stop singing her "Ignition Remix" by R. Kelly, which may have a detrimental effect in years to come. But regardless, I continue to be a very lucky lady.

Psst: Harriet is after the spy, of course. I'll be writing more about that later.