Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Now reading Trauma by Patrick McGrath, because Emily Perkins mentioned him in her interview last year. I reread Perkins' Novel About My Wife yesterday, because Tessa McWatt's puzzler put me in the mood to go back to it, plus Perkins writes about first pregnancy as a really bewildering, terrifying and tender time in a marriage, and I wanted to revisit that. Having the time and space to read voraciously is something I've not experienced in a while, and I'm really enjoying it.

And on the internet too-- Jessica Westhead has a story up at Joyland.ca, "Todd and Belinda Rivers of 780 Strathcona". Katia Grubisic in praise of difficult writing at the Descant blog. Seen Reading goes from sea to shining sea (or from Vancouver to Wolfville at least). The wondrous Meli-Mello responds to my post about Mommy blogging. And Marnie Woodrow guest-posting on Sesame Street turning 40 (plus she writes about loving Rita Celli, and who doesn't love Rita Celli?). From The Walrus, "Water Everywhere, 1982", which is an excerpt from Lisa Moore's new novel February (out in June).

And we're just back from our final midwife's appointment, which is so strange to consider. And moreover, that in just a week, our Baby will be here. This little person we've known so long and haven't even met yet-- I am very excited for that moment to come. (Besides, the reusable baby wipes-- I actually sewed them! We're all ready now.) Link