Thursday, March 05, 2009

What would you bring?

All week I've been contemplating the inevitable-- whatever will I decide to bring to the table the day CBC calls me up and asks me to be a panelist on Canada Reads? I've thought about this even more than I've thought about my Academy Awards acceptance speech, which is saying something. In addition to the fact that I'm delusional.

I'm really convinced that there is merit in celebrating underread "classics", and that new books indeed could do with a boost, but we just don't know enough about how they'd stand up yet. My longish shortlist would probably include The Fire Dwellers by Margaret Lawrence, The Watch that Ends the Night by Hugh MacLennan, Lady Oracle by Margaret Atwood, and Lucy Maud Montgomery's The Blue Castle. Of more recent books, perhaps Muriella Pent by Russell Smith, Alligator by Lisa Moore, Nikolski by Nicolas Dickner, The Way the Crow Flies by Anne-Marie MacDonald, or The Republic of Love by Carol Shields.

No doubt you strongly disagree with my picks. But wouldn't it be boring if you didn't?