Sunday, February 08, 2009

Reading in Pickle Colour

Today I finally picked up a copy of the marvelous I Can Read With My Eyes Shut, which might be the closest thing to a holy book those in my religion have-- in rhyme no less. ("The more that you read,/ the more you will know./ The more that you learn,/ the more places you'll go.") And I like to think the first page (shown here) was a reference to Pickle Me This. I got the book at Circus Books and Music, which is a wonderful store with exceptional children's books. We were out on the Danforth after a spectacular brunch at The Only Cafe, and then walked westward. At the Danforth Type Books, I bought I Kissed the Baby, but not for me, that one. (Oh no, it's for the baby's library.) Outside, we're enjoying this crazy February Sunday Sun again and it's wonderful.