Sunday, January 25, 2009

Living in the memory of a love that never was

I loved Orlando, unsurprisingly. It was so terrible funny and fresh, and relevant, exuberant. I could read it again and again, and each time discover the book anew. And so now I'm reading Maps and Legends by Michael Chabon (the gorgeous McSweeneys hardback, though it's coming out in paperback in Feb.), and Laura Lippman's collection of stories Hardly Knew Her (which I look forward to finishing in the bath this evening).

Online and periodically, I've been up to my nose in Oliver Jeffers interviewed in The Guardian; on Obama as storyteller and one of the many Midwesterners who've explored their identity through story; Rebecca Rosenblum's Once finds another ideal reader; my doppelganger Gwyneth recommends "amazing, transportive novel[s]" (via Jezebel); LRB underlines why I'll be renewing my subscription with Hilary Mantel's memoir on life in Jeddah, and John Lanchester's "Is It Art?" on video games. Lisa Gabriele is profiled in The Star (and have you seen her touting her book on Dragon's Den?).

This weekend I grew out of my pants, knit some, helped entertain friends, sang "Long Long Time" whilst strumming my guitar, read a lot, wrote some, slept in, visited family member daily in hospital (who is going to be okay!!), baked a cake, ate a lot of spinach, drove a really large cargo van, danced around the kitchen, and inherited a bumbo seat and a jolly jumper.