Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Family Literacy Day: January 27

Though our baby is still very small, and is also translucent, we've been reading to it regularly ever since it acquired working ears. (This is a very bookish baby-- it acquired its first book while still an embryo). And while there are plenty of sound scientific reasons why reading to our baby is a very good thing, I'll admit that I like reading stories for the sake of reading stories, and even more so, I appreciate being read to too. So while I'm not sure that the baby really knows what's going on, being so busy beating its tiny heart and turning somersaults, even if it's more for us, I think this is the best kind of selfish.

For all of you lucky, lucky people out there, however, whose children have already left the womb, I would like to turn your attention towards Family Literacy Day. Created by ABC Canada, the tenth Family Literacy Day will be held on January 27, and planned events include the setting of a Guinness World Record for "Most Children Reading with an Adult in Multiple Locations". (The record to break was set in 2006, with 78,791 kids.) The chosen book is Munschworks 2.

Find out more here about how to get involved, whether at home with your family, or at a local event.