Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dessert Trends Bistro

In the past week, I've eaten at Dessert Trends Bistro three times, and I think I'm going back for lunch tomorrow. This making clear that I go out for meals far too often, and that I'm a creature of habit, but I really must emphasize how good the restaurant is.

The restaurant is also around the corner from my house, which is convenient in a snowstorm (as has often been the case of late). Light and airy on even the greyest day, the first sight that greets you when you walk in the door is a feast of desserts that will blow your mind. (Pictured here are Berry Box, and Raspberry Chocolate Tarts, which are two tried tested favourites). The array of desserts making clear why one might want to come four times a week, to leave no selection untasted. I've never chosen a dessert that wasn't delicious.

But the main-course selections are truly exquisite. I had lamb-shank with couscous and rapini last weekend, grilled vegetable sandwich (with wild mushroom soup on the side) when I was in for lunch, and braised short ribs with pasta when I had dinner last. Each meal really was an eye-rolling delight. Dinners come with bread and three kind of dips-- white bean, hummus and jalapeno-- that are quickly devoured. Service isn't always quick, but I'm never in a hurry. That food can be this good is a treat, and consistently so is a miracle.