Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Links and more links

The best thing we read all weekend at our house was "Just Two Clicks: The Virtual Life of Neil Entwistle" in the LRB. Hilary Mantel's "In the Waiting Room" (not avail. online) was similarly awful, but beautiful to read. Katherine Parrish thoughtfully raises the topic of gender and The Salon Des Refuses, which I didn't mention, but it certainly occurred to me: "John Metcalf’s excoriating indictment of the Penguin Anthology accuses the publishers of “pulling a Binchy,” comparing their choice of a mere practitioner like Jane Urquhart to a hypothetical decision to ask Maeve Binchy to edit a comparable Irish anthology. Why not Frank McCourt, I wondered... Whimsical women with their stories. Serious men with their ideas. Ahhh. The good old days." Rona Maynard's "Dear Governor Palin" is powerful and smart. And Lynn Crosbie on the resurrection of Brenda Walsh. Now reading Hilary Mantel's novel An Experiment in Love.