Monday, August 04, 2008

This Weekend for Me

This weekend for me was four days long, and it was filled with ordinary lovely things like reading and writing, a haircut, dinner out and trip to the movies. Plenty of book buying, a lovely brunch with Moms, peach-pie baking and finding out our good friends are having a bebe! A trip to the ROM, bbqs a plenty, and then today to Toronto Island with the Caserights, and we had a splendid picnic under a tree, went paddling, and then Stuart and I rode our bikes from Wards' to Hanlan's Point, and home again, and now we're absolutely knackered.

This weekend, without consciously intending to, I continued my Westness pick with a rereading of The Stone Angel. So glad to reacquaint myself, so appreciative of my recent reading of Lilac Moon for historical context, but I do think that Laurence's skills as a novelist increased exponentially with the rest of the Manawaka series. Which, I'd think, is the most we could ask of a writer. And then more Westness with Sharon Butala's collection of short stories Real Life, which is oh-so solid. And then The Killing Circle, which wasn't West at all, but it kept me from falling asleep last night due to a) terror and b) I couldn't stop reading. Review to follow... I'm now rereading Late Nights on Air.