Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Schedules Amok

Schedules are all running strangely of late, because we have a house guest, because she arrived in the middle of the night Sunday night, because we keep going out for meals with her and feel as though we're on vacation too. I'm currently rereading A Prayer for Owen Meany and just not getting into it. I always loved John Irving, but I've not read him for years, and I feel I may have lost the habit. It's also looong and I am eager to get through it in order to reach my final reread (The Long Secret), and then begin to tackle the wonderful stack of unread books on my shelf that have been gathering there since the end of June.

And so I've made no time for writing these last few days (here or anywhere) and consequently we'll all have to make due to with links. Oh, like Lizzie Skurnick revisits Flowers in the Attic. Nigel Beale refuses the Refuses. Laurel Snyder interviewed at Baby Got Books (and I'll be reading her book v.v. soon). Why postscripts still matter in the digital age. Rebecca Rosenblum is a Reader Reading (and now she's got her own Facebook group too).