Sunday, August 10, 2008

Let's Link

Let's link, shall we? On the response to Penguin's recent Canadian short story anthology, with Salon des Refusés upcoming (and me with CNQ and TNQ due in the mail). I am not certain of the politics myself, but I am just pleased that I'll soon have plenty of stories to read. Steven Beattie has turned August into a short story celebration. And at, a short story by Claudia Dey. But back to reality (ha ha), on "New Labour's Terrible Memoirs". Rona Maynard spreads the word: P. Hilton is funny! Lizzie Skurnick reads Judy Blume's Tiger Eyes. The Hart House Review goes online. Heather Mallick writes (wonderfully) on John McCain's lack of internet savvy**. "Summertime" also grew on Sarah Liss. Anne Enright on how she names her characters. And Ten Reasons not to mind the rain.

**So just suppose I was one of those people who likes to go around hating the CBC, and thus finding their content and programming utterly irrelevant/offensive/a waste of tax payers' money/a symbol of what is wrong with socialism today etc. So wouldn't the fact that I am always commenting on the CBC's webforums suggest otherwise? That even I, a fervid decrier of Liberal Media Bias, am wholly engaged with the content of our nation's public broadcaster? That I in fact cannot get enough of it? Regardless of the tone of my comments, mightn't I be contributing to a vast majority of the CBC's online hits, thus ensuring their media domination into perpetuity? I just wonder...