Monday, July 21, 2008

So much can slip on by

I'm now rereading Joan Didion's Where I Was From, which is a very different book from the one I first encountered last May. Partly because I've visited California since then, and therefore have a more concrete image of what she describes. Which is not to say Didion's descriptions are inadequate, but rather now I see something different. In addition, I just finished Sharon Butala's The Garden of Eden, which has provided Didion's consideration of California agriculture-culture with a context. I've also found that Joan Didion is always worth a trip back to, for she is so subtle that much can slip on by.

Good things on the web of late: I also thought Feist singing "One Two Three Four" on Sesame Street was truly lovely, and will link to Carl Wilson's post about this because it contains some other vintage Sesame Street counting hits. My new favourite website is Fernham, by Woolf scholar Anne E. Fernald. Writer Margo Rabb's struggles upon discovering she'd written a YA book, and Laurel Snyder understands.