Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Fits and starts

It's been a strange day, and I've got stitches in my mouth. I'm also a bit doped up, and all of it has been sort of fascinating, however awful. That I've been bored, all afternoon. And I am never bored. I firmly believe that boredom is the jurisdiction of the lazy (or of those who forget to carry at book at all times). But this afternoon I've not been able to concentrate on very much, save the daring feats of squirrels outside my window, crossing and crisscrossing the street via tightrope power lines. That I've been unable to read very much at all, can you believe it. I was reading Marilynne Robinson before, but she requires more attention and care from her readers than I have energy to offer her now. I did listen to the podcast of Lorrie Moore reading her story "Paper Losses", which is sort of wonderful, actually, as I can't think of any other day in which I would have cleared the space. In fits and starts, I've been rereading Justine Picardie's If the Spirit Moves You, which is just the ticket, I think, for my current state of mind. I also read another story today, which I hated-- the danger of linking books and experience-- mainly because I was taking out upon it my "mild discomfort". But I'm also sure it sort of sucked. And the story will therefore remind me of excruciating pain as I long as I shall live.

I am turning my evening over to the benevolent force of the DVD.