Monday, June 16, 2008

The whole thing

We went to Ottawa this weekend, which was brilliant all around (cousins, markets, barbeques), but I was particularly appreciative of a good ten hours spent train journeying, which of course makes for good reading. I did Fever and Prodigal Summer, and also CNQ. This is my second issue of the magazine-- I raved about Issue 72 back in December. This issue lived right on up to my heightened expections: so much learning in one package seems a miracle. So much to challenge me, whether to understand, to be enlightened, or even to disagree. If you've got an interest in Canadian literary matters and you're not reading CNQ, you're missing out on something extraordinary. Serves as an example of what a magazine can truly be. It sounds like I'm overstating, but I'm really not. Robyn Sarah's "Delivered to Chance" and David A. Kent on Margaret Avison were my favourite bits, but really (shhh...) I liked the whole thing.