Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Books at Bedtime

I love England. They're all in a furor over something called "Books at Bedtime". (Can you imagine getting worked up over something called that? It would be like throwing eggs at the Teddy Bear's picnic.) Listeners are upset about a radio broadcast of Barbara Gowdy's Helpless, because the broadcast gave some of them nightmares. '"Helpless is inappropriate for any time of day, least of all at bedtime," said Helen Thompson. "The subject is tasteless and given the society in which we live totally inappropriate."' Apparently the BBC has been inundated with complaints about this, most on the basis that the broadcast was "frightening". Though perhaps they just read the book in a really spooky voice? And can we complain whenever anything is frightening now? Further, how on earth do these people know who to call? I wonder if they've got a number on speed-dial.