Thursday, May 29, 2008

Avocado Scones

Not content to have had the pleasure of two (2) raspberry scones on separate occasions yesterday, I was determined to bake a batch of scones tonight. But not just any, no. For weeks I've been wanting to bake avocado scones, sure that two of my most beloved foods couldn't help but have a wonderful marriage. Got the recipe here, and the results were extraordinary. The best scone I've ever had in my life, and let's just say, I've had a few. The avocado flavour was barely there, but everyone's favourite fatty fruit (but the good fat) had left its mark in a green tinge, and such unbelievable moistness. The perfect savoury accompaniment to my dinner tonight, which was a rice salad, with feta, roast red pepper, chickpeas and dill. And then for lunch tomorrow! There's so much to look forward to.