Thursday, January 24, 2008

My new quest

I had to go into a bookstore today to pick up a gift for a friend, and of course, while I was there, why not get something for myself? For this is how my mind works, and why bookstores-- for me-- require infinite will not to go broke in. But I got The Paris Review Interviews vol. II, which I think was most sensible. For they're interviews with writers, of course, and good ones, and one of my favourite book bloggers has raved about it. So there is learning aplenty, but multitudinously, for this book shall also be the textbook of my new quest to learn to interview.

Interviews are the one written form I'm afraid to take on-- I'd sooner write a play (which is not to say that I'd be good at that either). They're an art-form, I think, and a difficult one done in dialogue. A dialogue in which you must be the guide... or do you follow? I just don't know. Learning to interview will also challenge my tendency to break off into long-winded tangents about lies I told when I was seventeen, or my new favourite pop song, or whatnot. I also think it will make me a better storyteller, socializer, and writer in general. It will also be fun.

The plan is to post an interview monthly, once I've got some study under me belt. How exciting. Maybe I'll even interview you!