Sunday, January 20, 2008

Chance and fortune

I make a point of posting photos of Stuart and I at weddings, hoping to fool posterity. So good old posterity might forget the days I spend wearing very large hooded sweatshirts, baggy cords, long-johns, and three pairs of socks (for it is very cold outside today and inside too). Sometime we look nice (even with my hair a bit scruffy) and so here are we yesterday, at the wedding of our wonderful friends Carolyn and Steve. Who are actually the subject of the point I want to make, which was not my appalling fashion sense.

For much like Carol Shields, "I do have quite a bit of faith in the endurance of love". It's pretty impossible not to with these two in mind, who in seeking one another found the rest of their lives. Who speak of each other with perpetual love and admiration, treat the other with such respect, and they enjoy each other's company in a way which makes being around them a pleasure.

I will never forget our rooftop bbq at their place in May, as both of them took me aside at separate times to whisper that an engagement would be forthcoming. Their joy was palpable, as it was throughout their beautiful day yesterday. I will never cease to marvel at not only the chance and fortune of finding love, but also the miracle of finding friends. We're truly blessed with these two.