Sunday, December 16, 2007

Diamond sharp

The Globe books pages were exciting this weekend. Rebecca Rosenblum's story in The Journey Stories 19 is called "diamond-sharp". A great review of When To Walk which I enjoyed reading this Fall. And a review of a new by book by Andrea Barrett whose Servants of the Map I so adored.

Beyond books, Joanna Schneller should be lauded for her article "A Culture Saturated by Sexism". Though one of Schneller's most intriguing points was an aside. "In three popular films this year - Knocked Up, Waitress and Juno -- women who find themselves accidentally pregnant dismiss the option of abortion almost immediately." Which is a bit disturbing, but understandable really, and for a most assuring reason: abortion makes for such boring narrative. Or at least everyone I've ever known to have had one has just gone on happily with the rest of her life.