Sunday, December 09, 2007

Charred bottoms

We've had a perfectly marvelous weekend, though there was drama and disaster. But before that we had our friend Kim's birthday part at the Danforth Bowl, which was fun beyond wildest bowling dreams. I didn't even know I had wild bowling dreams. Another birthday party for our friend Andrea Saturday night, and though they hadn't bowling, they had Guitar Hero, and it was pretty spectac. And tonight Erin came over to help supervise our tree decorating and have dinner with us. The house is terribly Christmassy now, and we're happy to have had fabulous company all weekend. I'm on page 175 of Guns Germs and Steel and still going strong. And even the drama and disaster wasn't that bad: I did my Christmas baking yesterday but was too lazy to actually start doing it until 5:30. I made gingerbread, which was vv good so that was fine, except we realized just as the dough finished that we didn't actually have a gingerbread man cut-out, and so they're all stars and trees, which is less fun. We'll remember for next year. But I didn't cry, or at least not until the sugar cookie dough failed to actually become dough and was just meal instead. The first batch was a double batch and I threw it all into the garbage. Second batch was just a batch but still didn't work and I don't know why, as I've used the same recipe the last two years. I was able to pat the cookies into shape and so they're cookie shaped rather than Christmas-fun shaped, though they were delicious, though the sprinkles from the first batch (which I didn't wash off the cookie sheet) had caught on fire by the last batch and the smoke alarm went off for a good twenty minutes straight, and the bottoms are charred but we'll eat them anyway. Merry Christmas!