Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Now reading Janette Turner Hospital's Orpheus Lost, which comes with music and intrigue and has me caught in its grip. More to come on that, and then I'm reading The Great Man by Kate Christensen. Before I start off on my non-fiction binge; I've got planned Beijing Confidential by Jan Wong, Villa Air Bel by Rosemary Sullivan, The Dirt on Clean by Katherine Ashenburg, and finally Guns Germs and Steel because it's about bleeding time.

And just as I'm on about Kate Christensen, Maud Newton gives us her recipe for brussels sprouts. Naturally. (Did you know the most mortifying incident of my whole life involved brussels sprouts? And a dog. Naturally). She will be posting more recipes by writers to come. How exciting. They were celebrating the Gardiner Expressway in the paper this weekend. How refreshing, and as you might know, I concur. Guardian blogger rereading Bookers past. Costa Prize first novel shortlist includes Gifted (which I've read) and The Golden Age (still ahead).