Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Point Form

Anansi's 40th Birthday is amusingly recapped at the Descant blog.

A new Mitford book is out today-- a collection of letters between the sisters, edited by Charlotte Mosely, which I can't wait for. Remember how much I loved Decca's? On here for how "no one will ever write letters like this again".

Kate Christensen, whose first novel I enjoyed last month upon introduction by Maud Newton, is interviewed by said Newton. Of the bits I loved best: "In my late teens and early 20s, when I was developing my idea of how I wanted to write, I glutted myself on twentieth-century English novelists. It seemed to me that, en masse, Drabble, Pym, Spark, Mantel, and Wesley, as well as quite a few equally brilliant Englishmen, had signed a British-Writer Pact agreeing to foreswear heavy-handedness, egotistical earnestness, and didacticism and to embrace instead black humor, deft social insights, wit, lightness, and a float-like-a butterfly sting-like-a-bee verbal dexterity. I wanted to sign that pact, join their gang and live in London and drink in their pub."

I used to enjoy Maud Newton's Friday Blogger Stephany Aulenback, and so I was happy to find out she was blogging again. And even happier when I saw she'd published an interview with Sara O'Leary. She is the author of When You Were Small, which is one of the most beautiful children's books I've ever seen.