Saturday, October 06, 2007


I had some marvelous lunches this week, and would like to pass on some recommendations. Dessert Trends Bistro at Harbord and Brunswick is as lovely inside as it looks from without. I had a roasted eggplant and tomato sandwich on olive bread, which came with a side salad and figs. Dessert was too much to choose from, which only means I now have to return again and again. I had a chocolate pear cake, which did not disappoint, and next time I shall go for the mango raspberry tart. And then yesterday I had lunch at Mangiacake on McCaul just south of Baldwin. As temperatures remain especially not autumnal, we sat out on the back patio, and I had a roasted vegetable sandwich, and a mediterranean salad (I do love feta). The food was amazing, service could not have been friendlier/more efficient, and we had their brownies for dessert, and everyone was particularly satisfied. Lunches are such a pleasure, and if you take yours at either of these establishments, they won't be wasted.