Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Descant launch, with two strings of pearls

Quite unfashionably late we were tonight for the launch of Descant 138, we being myself, my dapper husband, and Rebecca Rosenblum in gorgeous splendour. The new issue is beautiful though, and features poetry by Pickle Me This school chum LZ-V. And our lateness was really unavoidable, as there was rain to be walked home in, votes to be cast, socks to be wrung, and butternut squash pasta to be eaten. And then had to get dressed up, as the theme of the eve was the same as the issue-- fashion. RR and I wore pearls. We caught readings by Andrew Tibbets and Katherine Ashenberg, heard the strains of "Take on Me" in Spanish. Ian Brown was m.c., and yes he is a bit dreamy. So a lovely night, squash and all.